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Full Freedom of Religion

March 7, 2012

          For committed believers their faith permeates every aspect of their lives. We can’t live one way on Sunday and the opposite on the other six days. For example, I not permitted to lie.

I cannot call a same sex relationship a marriage. All the judges in the world will not make it so. Two persons of the same sex cannot marry. They cannot engage in the one act that consummates a marriage.

I cannot call a man – no matter how he is dressed or what surgeries he has undergone, or how many hormones he takes – a woman.

I cannot accept that vulnerable children, who have already undergone the trauma of being surrendered for adoption or placed in foster care, should be put in a second class situation to satisfy the demands of LGBT activists. These children need a home that is as normal as possible, and normal is a home with a father and a mother.

I have sympathy for people who are confused about their sexual identity. I am convinced by massive evidence that they are not born that way, but I understand that change is difficult. However, the most loving thing that one do for the confused is to speak the truth to them, even if they don’t want to hear it, and even if they call you names.

I must speak out and say that abortion is a crime against humanity and at the same time reach out with compassion to women who have found this out too late.

There are those in our society who will accuse me of bigotry and hate speech, but my rights are protected by the Constitution and even if they weren’t I couldn’t be silent.

The time for compromise with the culture is over. Those who speak the truth and refuse to lie — whether because of strongly held religious convictions or plain common sense — should not be discriminated against, fired, or forced to undergo indoctrination designed to change their views.

Therefore, it is not enough for the Obama health care mandate on ‘preventive’ services to be rescinded for religious institutions. No individual, business, organization, or insurance company should be forced to pay for services it deems immoral.

In addition, the legislation before Congress should be expanded to protect against the other attacks on freedom of religion:

1)       No persons, businesses, or non-profit organizations should be discriminated against for their religious beliefs on life, sexuality, or marriage or forced to violate these beliefs.

2)       All businesses, non-profit organizations, and persons – in particular adoption agencies, foster care agencies, orphanages, those providing reproductive technologies or care for victims of sexual trafficking — shall have the right to provide their services in a manner that corresponds to their stated standards or beliefs on life, sexuality, and marriage.

3)       Parents shall be allowed to remove their child from classes or school programs, which violate their religious beliefs.

4)                 Religious organization, other non-profit organizations, businesses, and individuals, who provide wedding services, including justices of the peace, shall not be forced to provide such services to same-sex couples.

5)                 No person shall be discriminated against, charged with discrimination or forced to undergo ‘sensitive training’ for expressing views about same-sex attraction, same-sex behavior, same-sex ‘marriage,’ gender identity, or gender expression.

6)                 Persons with same-sex attraction who desire therapy that respects their religious beliefs and therapists who provide such therapy shall not be discriminated against.

7)                 Prophesy is an essential element of religious practice. Prophets speak truth to power, including naming names, and calling leaders and people to repentance. Therefore, the right of persons associated with religious organizations to speak prophetically shall not be infringed. The tax exempt status of the institutions to which prophets belong shall not be threatened.

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  1. Karin permalink
    April 5, 2012 4:19 pm

    I am a highly concerned Catholic, married, Canadian mother of two. I am very alarmed about the goings on around me and how we the Canadian people are having our Human Rights violated here by a Bill called Bill 13, currently in it’s 2nd Reading. Please see the following website for a clip of the rally which just took place last Thursday Mar. 29th: www. We Canadians are also facing the exact dilemma that is being thrust upon our good neighbours to the South. This is a North American AGENDA and is happening simultaneously. I went to my Parent Council meeting this month and not one of the parents, or any of the teachers and most alarmingly not even our beloved principal had any kind of idea about the above mentioned Bill 13, again, in it’s 2nd reading. The points and the execution of the material on the LGBTQ agenda and History of Human Rights is simply flawless and absolutely compelling. I have never spoken publicly before, but I believe that these are exactly the points and the format that need to be hit home when engaging one person, a hundred or thousands.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your expression of your thoughts and compiling this website. I will spread the news and direct my family, friends, parents at my children’s school, parent council and anyone else who will listen to read your excellently written and concise articles as they say what I and many others already think and would love to be able say so eloquently. Just knowing that there are highly educated persons such as yourself who are willing to spread the word is comforting, encouraging and motivating.

    Karin Sikora

    • April 5, 2012 4:50 pm

      Dear Karen,
      I do travel around the country and the world speaking on these issues when invited, but have nothing planned for Canada, although I follow the news through and am well aware of the situation. Thank you for your kind comments.

  2. April 8, 2012 1:55 am

    The issues discussed in the first few paragraphs came up recently with the Miss Universe Canada contest. One entrant was disqualified for claiming on the entry documents of being a “natural born” woman but, in reality, started life as a boy. He began hormone treatment at 14 and had surgery at 19 to give him an external anatomy resembling that of a human female.

    At a press conference that was held a few days later (which was more like a media circus), the lawyer representing the disqualified contestant, who goes by the name of Jenna Talackova, said that the individual in question was indeed a woman because, in addition to the hormones and surgery, that person’s driver’s license and a passport indicated that.

    Abraham Lincoln was once asked how many legs a dog had if one was to call its tail a leg. The questioner expected him to answer “five” but he replied that the dog had four and that calling the tail a leg didn’t make it one. However, to insist that it was is like Shakespeare wrote in “All’s Well That Ends Well”, Act IV, Scene 3, in which someone is described as being able to “lie …. with such volubility, that you would think truth were a fool….”

    The result of the press conference was that Miss Universe Canada reversed its decision and Jenna Talackova would be allowed to participate as a woman, provided certain gender “requirements” are met.

    This demonstrates that truth is now a fool and if one says that a dog’s tail is a leg often enough, it indeed has five legs, particularly if backed by legislation. Black can be white if the law says so, confirming what a character in a Charles Dickens novel said when he referred to the law as being asinine.

    The whole matter sounded like either a test case or someone wanting to have, as Andy Worhol said, their 15 minutes worth of fame and actually getting it.

    When’s the next flight to Mars and can I buy a ticket? I want off this planet.

  3. July 24, 2012 10:34 pm

    I seek permission to reprint this outstanding article with link and attribution for Catholic Online. Please let me know.

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