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The Sexual Rights Agenda

March 7, 2012

The Bishops of the Catholic Church have been forced to take a strong stand against the imposition by the current administration of regulations, which would force Catholic institutions to buy insurance that would fund abortion inducing drugs, sterilization, and contraception. This is just one battle in the long war against religion being waged by Sexual Rights Advocates.

Sexual Rights Advocates want legal protection for absolute sexual freedom without any restrictions on the age, sex, number, relationship, or behavior involved, including prostitution. The only restriction would be consent of the participants. Such behavior spreads disease and can lead to unplanned pregnancy. Therefore the Sexual Rights Advocates insist on free contraception, condoms, and abortion and promote Comprehensive Sex Education, starting in the first year of schooling, so that children will be taught that they have sexual rights and how to engage in various sexual behaviors, to believe that any sexual choice is acceptable, to experiment with homosexual behavior and masturbation, to know where to obtain contraception to prevent pregnancy, condoms to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, to know how get an abortion when contraception fails, or health care for the inevitable STDs they contract. Since parents often object to such education, the Sexual Rights Advocates insist that children must have the legal right to obtain this information and these services without parental notification or permission. Since certain religions object to this agenda, they must be marginalized and prevented from obtaining easy access to students. Thus the Sexual Rights Advocates have systematically targeted those religions – especially the Catholic Church – which oppose their agenda.

While Comprehensive Sex Education programs promoted by Sexual Rights Advocates are sold to parents as a means of preventing pregnancy and STDs, in practice they are designed to overcome modesty, ignore parental concerns, ridicule religious prohibitions, pander to adolescent rebellion, and encourage immediate pleasure seeking as a right. Comprehensive Sex Education is not truly comprehensive because it hides the negative long-term consequences of sexual activity outside marriage and the truth about pre-natal development and post-abortion trauma. It presents a non-scientific view of same-sex attraction (SSA) and gender identity disorder GID). Children are told that persons are born with SSA attraction and cannot change, when there is ample evidence SSA and GID are psychosexual developmental disorders in which environmental factors play a crucial part, disorders that can be prevented and changed. Still worse, Comprehensive Sex Education has fueled the epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases. One example of this: in the United States each year 30,000 men who have sex with men are infected with the HIV and 6,000 die.

The promoters of Comprehensive Sex Education are not, however, deterred by these failures. Instead they use the disaster they have created to call for more funding for even more Comprehensive Sex Education and to rail against religions that oppose their agenda as being anti-woman, but it is women who bear the burden of their failures: women who are more likely to be rendered sterile by sexually transmitted diseases; women who are traumatized by abortion; women who become single mothers; women who are sexually exploited by men; women who are victims of sexual trafficking. One would think that those who call themselves feminists would reject the anti-woman agenda of the Sexual Rights Advocates, but those who call themselves feminists have been leaders of the Sexual Rights movement.

For the Sexual Rights Advocates “heterosexism’ – that is the belief that sexual relations between a man and a woman is the norm – is an unacceptable form of bigotry and must be eliminated. It is not enough that same-sex attraction and relationships be tolerated; they want them to be treated with absolute equality or even given preference.

Sexual Rights Advocates want the terms “sexual orientation’ or ‘gender identity and expression’ added to legislation. Their real objective is not protection of persons who self-identify as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer, but legal discrimination against anyone who does not accept the full Sexual Rights agenda. Sexual Rights advocates insist that schools at every level must not simply teach tolerance, but indoctrinate children in the full GLBTQ agenda. The defense of marriage as the union between one man and one woman is regarded as bigotry by Sexual Rights Advocates. Parent and children who disagree quickly find they have no rights. The right of parents to determine the education of their children is simply ignored.

It is not enough to have these abusive restrictions rescinded, the entire Sexual Rights Agenda must be opposed at every level. The Catholic Church’s position on this issue is not an arbitrary doctrine that can be changed. It is based on the truth about the human person. It is the best defense of the health and freedom of the all people.

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    December 2, 2012 3:25 pm

    Dale, I have lost your email address. Thought you would be interested in this article at American Thinker:
    Very best regards, Georgia

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