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June 25, 2016

          Before there is a general surrender to the demand for transgender rights, including but not limited to bathroom rights, it is important to understand why some people claim to be transgendered.

While many people use sex and gender as though they were synonyms, sex refers to the totality of what it means to be male or female. Gender refers to how one feels about one’s sexual identity. There are two sexes, but because gender is creation of the mind there are an unlimited number of genders.

Every human being is either male or female. This can be determined by an analysis of chromosomes—XX female/XY male. There are a tiny number of persons who suffer from one of a number of rare disorders of sexual development (DSD), genetic or congenital birth defects affecting the reproductive system. Such person have been called hermaphrodites or intersexed. However, most persons with DSD identify as either male or female. They are not transgendered.

The so-called transgendered are persons who don’t want to be the sex they were born. They envy the other sex and covet its privileges hers accept their choice. To ignore the biological reality of sex difference “represents a fundamental disorder in a person’s sense of self.” [1]

Transgender is an umbrella term for various subsets of such persons, including:

  • Children with Gender Identity Disorder, recently relabeled Gender Dysphoria (GD).  Dysphoria is a fancy word for unhappy. A young child may grow up in a family where he feels that he would be happier, safer, or more loved if he were the other sex. He may have more in common with his mother or sisters than his father or brothers. He may imitate his mother’s mannerisms. A girl may feel that she may be safer or more appreciated by her father if she were a boy. This condition is easily identified and can often be successfully treated if the family cooperates. Even without therapy, most of children with GD did not choose to ‘transition” but eventually accepted the reality of their biological sex. Unfortunately, LGBT activists are pushing the idea that such a boy’s unhappiness can be cured by allowing to pretending that he is a girl. The activists are promoting legislation that would ban therapy designed to help such children accept reality. They want to force everyone to pretend the boy is a girl, to administrate hormone treatment to the boy to prevent puberty, and to prepare him for radical surgery to give his body a feminine appearance.
  • Transvestites, crossdressers, drag queens, female impersonators, etc. These are men –sometimes but not always sexually attracted to men –who on occasion dress as women, but identify as male.
  • ‘Non-homosexual transsexuals’ or Autogynephiles –Men who are in love with the image of themselves as a woman. Troubled adolescent males may self-comfort by masturbating while wearing a piece of female under garments. This becomes a compulsive habit. Outwardly, such men have few or no feminine mannerisms or interests, often chose a masculine career, marry and have children, but continue to secretly cross dress. At some point later in life, perhaps during a crisis, they decide they want to ‘come out’ as a woman. Some remain sexually attracted to women, and identity as a lesbian.
  • ‘Butch’ lesbians. Some lesbians, who are extremely masculine in appearance, decide at some point that they want to be male or at least appear more male by having their breast removed and/or taking male hormones. A few will opt for surgery to create male appearing genitals.
  • Transsexuals are those who have had or expect to have ‘sex reassignment surgery’ (SRS) on their genitals to make them look like the other sex. However, even if they have major alterations and achieve social acceptance, they can never become the other sex. Sooner or later they will realize this. In fact, as one transsexual explained going through SRS only makes the reality painfully clear, because they “find it harder to fully identify with women after transition than before, because the differences they observe between themselves and natal women become harder to rationalize after transition”[2] It is not surprising that, according to a survey of transgendered persons, 41% admitted attempting suicide, many after SRS.
  • Genderqueer or gender fluid – While the other categories of transgendered adopt very stereotypical presentations – almost parodies –of the other sex. The Genderqueer rebel against all stereotypes. They want to be absolutely free to be whatever they want, whenever they want, and to have sex with either sex. They are continually inventing new forms of gender rebellion. They enjoy confusing people.

Nothing can actually change a person’s sex. SRS constitutes mutilation and sterilization. According to Catholic teaching, baptismal records cannot be changed, a woman who has had surgery cannot become a priest and persons who have had SRS cannot marry.

According to those demanding transgender rights, even those who have not and do not intend to have surgery can claim the right to be treated as the other sex.

While those with psychological disorders should be treated with compassion, in this case their suffering is caused by the fact that they want something they cannot have. Most people, when faced with the demand that they accept that a man is a woman or a woman a man, go along with the pretense, just to be polite. Real compassion would involve using every means possible to help those who identify as transgendered accept the reality of their sexual identity.

No one can change their sex. Transgender is a fad and like other fads it will eventually be exposed. Unfortunately, probably not until a great deal of harm has been done.

[1] Anne Lawrence, “Shame and narcissistic rage in autogynephilic transsexuals,”  Archives of Sexual Behavior, April, 23, 2008.

[2] ibid

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  1. June 26, 2016 6:15 am

    Men use avg. 20k words per day, women avg.40k. A sole man in the presence of 3 women, listening to them effortlessly conducting 3 completely separate conversations, will exclaim with exasperation “what ARE you talking about?” These are cursory, anecdotal observations. Surely neurological researchers specializing in the radically disparate brain wiring schemes of the two sexes will find the current auto-brainwashing about the “social categorization of conventional gender roles” to be laughably unscientific.

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