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December 28, 2011

To be discriminating used to be a good thing. A discriminating person was a person who was able to distinguish between and therefore preferred things of greater intrinsic value over things of lesser or no value – a trait we should all aspire to.

The meaning has changed. Today, “discrimination” means the denial of rights or benefits to a person based on characteristics over which the person has no control, such as race or sex. This kind of unjust discrimination certainly exists, and given the history of such unjust discrimination against Blacks and women, laws forbidding unjust discrimination have been adopted. Since freedom of religion is a fundamental human right, discrimination against person based on their religion or lack of religion is also unjust and should be prohibited.

The Sexual Left (Radical Feminists and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Queer coalition) have come up with a new definition of discrimination. They insist that anything that makes a person who self-identifies as a member of a sexual minority (LGBTQ) feel bad about themselves is unjust discrimination. They want to make any form of disapproval illegal. Even stating a religious belief that certain behaviors are sinful would under this definition be punishable as unjust discrimination. While having others disapprove of your behavior or choices is certainly unpleasant, no one has a right to approval.

Not only that the Sexual Left is intent on silencing all those who present evidence that certain sexual preferences are not innate, but the result of a complex interaction of factors and therefore can be prevented or changed or that the very least suppressed. Furthermore, the Sexual Left wants evidence of the negative psychological, social, and physical effects of certain sexual behaviors suppressed. They would have those who speak out on such matters charged with discrimination.

The Sexual Left wants any disapproval of the LGBTQ community categorized as the equivalent of racism and treated accordingly.

There is no right to feel good about yourself or to silence those who disapprove of your behavior or believe for example that gay is not good.

Those who because of religious conviction or who have looked at the evidence and found it compelling have a right to their convictions, a right to speak up both privately and publically, and to raise their children accordingly. To deny these rights constitutes unjust discrimination.

For example, those who decry discrimination against ‘transgendered’ persons, insist that persons, who claim to be a sex other than the one they were born (whether or not they have been surgically altered), have a right to legally change their documents, use facilities designated for the other sex, and even marry a person of their birth sex. They also claim the right to force others to go along with the fantasy of ‘sex change’ and be addressed with pronouns of their choice – in other words they have the right to force those who believe that “sex-changes” are impossible to lie or be charged with discrimination. Such a demand violates the most fundamental right of freedom of conscience and right to speak the truth.

The LGBTQ coalition is pushing legislation deceptively called the “Student Non-Discrimination Act” (HR 998). This legislation would force every public school to introduce LGBTQ indoctrination at every level.

How can this bill be stopped since many Congressmen are afraid of being seen as opposing anything labeled “non-discrimination”?

By adding the following to the bill, thus broadening the definition of discrimination:

 1)         No student, teacher, or school employee shall be discriminated against for their religious beliefs on life, sexuality, or marriage or for expressing such beliefs in public or private. In the classroom setting, if one side of a controversial issue involving sexuality is introduced the other side should be presented fairly. In particular, religious beliefs shall not be vilified.

2)         Parents shall be allowed to remove their child from classes or school programs, which violate their religious beliefs. Parents have the right to be informed before the fact when such programs are introduced.

3)         No student, teacher, or school employee shall be discriminated against, charged with discrimination or forced to undergo ‘sensitive training’ for expressing views about same-sex attraction, same-sex behavior, so-called same-sex ‘marriage,’ gender identity, or gender expression.

4)                  No degree granting program or accrediting body shall discriminate against a student or applicant on the basis of their beliefs or convictions concerning marriage, life issues, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, nor shall they make agreement with the LGBTQ agenda a condition of graduation or accreditation.

5)                  Because students who self-identify as LGBTQ are more likely than other students to have been victims of sexual and/or other abuse, more likely to be involved with drugs, and more likely to engage in sexual activity at an earlier age and thereby more likely to contract a sexually transmitted disease, such as HIV/AIDS, and since many abused children who self-identify as LGBTQ later change their identification, the school should be cognizant of this and refrain from pushing students into the LGBTQ lifestyle by telling them they were born that way and can’t change – a claim for which there is no replicated scientific evidence. To push students confused about their sexual identity and attraction into LGBTQ identification is in itself a form of discrimination.

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  1. Tamla permalink
    March 21, 2012 4:49 pm

    My mother and I appreciate your research and convictions of God’s Holy Word Mrs. O’Leary. You’re in my prayers.

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