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Angels Rejoice

October 10, 2016

The media doesn’t believe in conversion. A person who changes his mind is labeled a flip-flopper. Tapes of statements made years earlier are replayed ad infinitum.
Christians, on the other hand, rejoice when a person admits he was wrong, is embarrassed by and regrets previous behavior, has apologized, and promises to change.
Because Donald Trump had promised to nominate a Supreme Court justice who would follow the example of the late great Justice Scalia and Clinton has promised to nominate pro-Roe Justices, I have prayed for Trump, but I was aware of his serious flaws. I knew from his own words that he didn’t understand the Christian concept of repentance. The revelation of his gutter talk has forced him to apologize. As Christians, we can accept his apology and promise of amendment.
Trump has said that the experience of the last year has made him a changed man. In moving from promoting his own interests and his own brand, to fighting to make America great again, he has been exposed to the fears, concerns, and suffering of ordinary citizens.
As the firestorm over Trump’s words, swept over the country, I saw that I have been praying for the wrong thing. I was praying that my country would be spared the consequence of its sins, when I should be praying for the souls of our politicians and true conversion.

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