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Gender Ideologues

September 23, 2016


In 1990 I began my research into the gender ideology. At first most people, including friends and associates, really didn’t see the problem. It all seemed so outlandish. The gender ideologues promoted the idea that all the differences –except the obvious physical ones — were artificial social constructions and could and should be eliminated so that men and women would participate in every activity in society in statistically equal numbers. The biological reality of male and female should have no social recognition. Who could take it seriously? Didn’t everyone know men and women were naturally different?

The first demand of the gender ideologues was for unlimited access to abortion, since the burden of pregnancy falls only on women. Abortion would allow both women and men to have sex without having to carry a child to term. The next demand was for redefining marriage so that sex difference shouldn’t matter and two men or two women could call their relationships a marriage. In spite of the evidence to the contrary, the ideologues insisted that children didn’t need a mother and a father. Recently, there has been a push to say that biology should be irrelevant and a man, who may or may not have surgical alterations, can decide he is a woman and use women’s restrooms or locker rooms. Don’t expect logical consistency from those who start by denying reality.

I am pleased to see how pro-family people are finally recognizing that behind the various attacks on life, marriage, and reality, there is a dangerous ideology. Unfortunately the gender ideologues are firmly entrenched in the universities and government and so the battle for common sense is more difficult than it might have been had the danger been recognized sooner.

Still it is encouraging to see my writings quoted. It is exciting to see the next generation of defenders of the truth rising up to carry on the battle. In spite of the odds I am convinced that in the end the truth will prevail.

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  1. genechase permalink
    September 23, 2016 2:46 am

    St. Paul addressed this heresy, which was alive even in his day. Gnosticism teaches that only the spirit matters, and not what we do with our bodies. Yet we as Believers know that as surely as Jesus ascended to heaven in his (glorified, but still physical) body, we too will give account of the “deeds done while in our bodies, whether good or bad.” (II Corinthians 5:10) How does Ecclesiastes 1:9 put it? There’s nothing new under the sun.

    Thanks for your essays. I’ve followed them for decades with interest and appreciation.

  2. Noel Edsall permalink
    September 23, 2016 6:11 pm

    Dale, Please keep up your good work. You have been a great help and inspiration in understanding a movement that defies common sense and human anatomy.

  3. September 24, 2016 1:50 pm

    Having lived in residence at a Canadian college where “Women’s Studies” was founded, I witnessed gender ideology deployed in a very sinister way. My don studied under Herbert Marcuse; a women’s don and lecturer in Women’s Studies did her Phd thesis on the authoritarian personality under Theodor Adorno — this was a very high-powered team of ideologues. My own studies were in Engineering. Unfortunately, the programme was more geared to production of technocrats than competent engineers; I transferred out after two years.

    The two themes — gender ideology and de-Nazifying “authoritarian personality” theory came together in a deadly amalgam. The family-destroying agenda of gender ideology is obvious. How Adorno’s contribution operated was truly demonic. Many of my fellow students were sons and daughters of immigrants from former Axis countries. One girl was the daughter of a former officer in Hitler’s war machine — and a high-level freemason. This man was a member of a board that provided significant financial support to the college.

    The application of Adorno’s de-Nazification theories was very deceptive. It didn’t de-Nazify anyone. It retooled former ethnic cleansers with abortion and sterilization clinics — much more palatable to the low-information public. The college and its women’s programme helped Henry Morgantaler establish Canada’s first abortion clinic — just down the street. The engineering, nursing, women’s studies, and social sciences students were the future cadre of social engineers meant to implement policies of population control and corporate enslavement. They were as efficient as any SS killing squad.

    As a side note: It has been revealed that Operation Paperclip — the programme to resettle Nazi scientists in the west to help counter communism — was much more extensive than the just the aerospace industry. The drug industry that produced oral contraceptives and many recreational drugs derived from research performed by I.G. Farben, the parent of Bayer. I.G Farben was the industrial giant that fueled Hitler’s war machine. It has never turned away from the Nazi programme to re-make the world for the corporate oligarchs. That progamme was imported whole into our academic and business institutions.

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