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ProLife Voter

August 2, 2016

I am a prolife voter. For me that is the single issue that informs my vote. If the election is between someone who supports abortion and someone who doesn’t, there is no question –regardless of party.

It has happened that my choice has been between two pro-abortion candidates. In that case I voted Republican, because the pro-abortion Republican belonged to a prolife party and would cast his vote for a pro-life Speaker of the House or Senate Majority leader. In this case my vote was ultimately pro-life.

In the case of Trump v. Clinton, there is a clear choice. She is the most pro-abortion candidate imaginable. She will appoint justices and judges who will push her anti-life agenda long after she has left office. Not only that, she will appoint pro-abortion department heads and lower level officials, as well as a pro-abortion attorney general. How many pro-life cabinet level officials were appointed by her husband or Obama? I don’t know of one.

Clinton believes that to secure the triumph of her pro-abortion ideology, those who oppose it must change their religion. Under her rule we can expect persecution.

We can’t sit this one out. Not voting is voting for Clinton.

For me, there is only one choice. I believe that one day we will all stand before the judgement and there beside the great judge will be the souls of all the unborn killed by abortion. Party, politics, economics, none of this will matter. I want to be able to say I did not forget them. Therefore, I must vote for the unborn and trust God to protect our country.

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