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Obama’s fantasy foreign policy

November 2, 2012

Coming from the Ivory Tower of academia with limited legislative experience in the Illinois state legislature and the U.S. Senate and no foreign policy experience, President Obama has approached foreign policy with a blame America attitude and rose colored glasses. According to his world view, America has done everything wrong in the past and he with his amazing charisma will be able to set things right. He may have sincerely believed that all he needed to do was read an inspirational speech off the teleprompter and everyone would be so charmed that old antagonisms would be resolved, peace would break out, and the world would embrace a penitent, less powerful U.S. That accomplished we could stop wasting all that money on defense and waste it on green energy.

We shouldn’t blame Obama for thinking that this strategy would work; after all without any significant foreign policy successes he had won the Nobel Prize for just being Obama.

Unfortunately, in the unforgiving world of foreign policy such fantasies don’t work. Obama may have hoped that kind words, concessions, and promise of flexibility would reset the relations with Russia. He ignored the reality that Russia under Putin longs to regain its super power status. They don’t want to be our friend, they want to be our equal – at least in influence abroad — and believe they can best achieve that end by thwarting U.S. interests wherever possible. It may not be a replay of the depths of the cold war, but with Putin in charge in Moscow, relations with Russia are going to be chilly for a long time.

Obama’s kind words and concessions don’t extend to the poorer countries of sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America, where the State Department has used American power and the threat of withholding aid to try to force Christian countries to abandon their traditional values. knuckle under to a left wing sexual agenda, and change their laws (and in some cases their constitutions) to allow abortion and gay marriage. Bullying is not the way to make friends.

The Obama administration appears to believe that Iran can be talked into giving up their nuclear ambitions. Did they really think that weak economic sanctions will work against a regime whose leaders believe that martyrdom in the war against the infidel is an automatic ticket to paradise and that a cataclysmic battle will bring about the triumph of the universal Islamic caliphate?

The Obama administration policy for encouraging democratic reform in the Middle East has been to put distance between us and Israel, our best ally and the only functioning democracy in the region.

These failed policies can be remedied by a new president, but nothing can bring back the four Americans killed in Benghazi. Obama administration wanted to protect its campaign claim that Osama Bin Laden is dead and Al-Qaeda is on the run, therefore they chose to ignore the growing power of radical Islamic militants. They deluded themselves into thinking that in Libya, after the overthrow of Gadhafi (thanks in part to our intervention), the situation had been normalized. Libya was touted a U.S. foreign policy success and there was no need for extra security, no need for strong walls, no need for an American security force. This in spite of pleas from U.S. Ambassador Stevens that the situation was deteriorating. The administration was so caught up in protecting its fantasy that the situation in Libya had normalized that they pulled out the security team. The disastrous results were predicted by the leader of that team and by the Ambassador himself.

The simple fact is that foreign policy must be based on a steely eyed anlysis of the facts on the ground. You have to be prepared for the worse case scenario. Indulging in the fantasy that rhetoric will solve intractable problems will lead to foreign policy failures and a more dangerous world.

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  1. Fred permalink
    February 7, 2013 1:07 am

    You are quite obviously one sick puppy!

    What kind of “realist” foreign policy would the USA have if Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, or the hanging governor Rick Perry were president?
    What does the indisputable historical record tell us about applied Christian politics – or the applied politics of Constantine’s famous Sword.
    Applied Christian politics 101:
    Note the unspeakably vile sado-masochistic snuff/splatter movie being reviewed in the last reference.
    You may also like to Google
    Columbus and Other Cannibals by Jack Forbes
    The Criiminal History of the Papacy by Tony Bushby

    How many living-breathing-feeling human being would Jesus slice up, shoot with a musket, rifle or MAXIM gun, smithereen with canons, napalm, cruise missiles, MOAB bombs, petrol bombs, cluster bombs, and nuclear weapons?
    Plus how much depleted uranium would Jesus use?
    Why not Google the topic! Here is a place to start.

  2. Fred permalink
    February 7, 2013 2:16 am

    Jesus was of course never ever in sense a Christian, nor did he found the religion about him – namely Christian-ism as a would be world conquering power-and-control-seeking poltical “religion”. Jesus was an outsider who appeared and taught on the margins of the tradition of Judaism as it was in his time and place. He was always and only a Jew.

    In contrast to the worldly power of “official” institutionalized Chiistian-ism Jesus was a socially and politically powerless figure who exercised compassion for those who had no power. He was scathingly critical of those who had either political/secular, and/or “religious” power (the ecclesiastical establishment of his time and place).

    He constantly Blessed all and everyone regardless of their social status and/or function, and without reference to our inference of any kind of worldly power.
    While he was alive he taught and demonstrated a Spirit-Breathing Spiritual Way of Divine Communion, as a constant life-experience of heart, and mind, and body. His teaching was also about authentic freedom without any tradition-bound or political requirements.
    Jesus was not in any sense a warrior, and his teaching was not about any kind of political or “religious” power at all.

    Jesus taught that the “Kingdom of God” is neither in nor of the world, but that IT is or must be established within the heart, and the mind, and the body, and the active life of every human being. He taught that the Divine must be accepted AS the Ruler of the heart, and the mind, and the body – such that the sinful or selfish heart, and mind, and body CEASES to be the False Ruler of the heart, and the mind, and the body, and the active life of the human individual.

  3. Fred permalink
    February 7, 2013 2:33 am

    Part 2

    At last, and inevitably, after many centuries of lies and deceit, the ancient “religious” rulerships have failed, and “official” Christian-ism with its obnoxious “religion-power” has now been reduced to all the impenetrable illusions and decadent exercises that everywhere characterize previously privileged aristocracies in their decline from worldly power.

    Nor, except a Spiritual Revolution occurs (which is impossible from within the “official” church itself -why do you think Jesus was executed?), exoteric Christianity is reduced to a chaos of market-share-seeking corporate cults and Barnumesque propagandists that “rule” nothing more than chaotic herds of fear-saturated, robotized, and chaotic herds of deluded “religion” consumers in the whats-in-it-for-me marketplace of consumerist “religion”.

    Therefore the myth of the “cultural superiority” of “official” Christianity has now come full circle. Christian-ism is now waging global warfare with the other “great” power-and-control-seeking religious cults. And the public masses of robotized “religion”-bound people – who, all over the Earth, for even thousands of years, have been controlled in body and mind by ancient institutions of “religiously” propagandized “religion”-power – are now in a state of grossly bound “religious” and social delusion and PSYCHOSIS.

    Furthermore that collective PSYCHOSIS is now ruling the entire human world.
    That PSYCHOSIS is exactly and precisely what YOU are commited to, and thus advocate.

    What do you REALLY see when you look in the mirror?

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