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Broken Promises

July 1, 2011

I just finished reading Edward Green’s new book Broken Promises: How the AIDS Establishment has Betrayed the Developing World, and I strongly recommend it to everyone. Green is a man of the left, but the facts on the ground convinced him that programs emphasizing fidelity and delay of sexual debut were the best way to prevent new HIV infections in Africa and that massive condom distribution programs were actually doing more harm than good. The research supporting these conclusions is overwhelming, but the AIDS establishment has been committed to a ‘sex positive’ approach to prevention and put all the money it receives from donors behind condom distribution programs. Other approaches have been marginalized. Any one who disagreed was labeled an anti-scientific, religious fanatic. As a result millions of Africans have been infected and many have died.

The AIDS establishment is run by people committed to the sexual revolution and determined to impose that revolution on Africa. Their racism is appalling. They insist that AIDS spread in Africa because African men are incapable of controlling their sexual urges and therefore the only answer is condoms. This in spite of research which shows that Africans when faced with the facts about HIV transmission are able to substantially change their behavior and these changes have reduced new infections in several countries. Green documents how the AIDS establishment has sabotaged successful strategies and promoted failed condom distribution programs.

In 2004 in Washington DC, Green gave a 40 minute slide presentation to a conference of specialists in the field of AIDS. He spoke on how Uganda’s program emphasizing abstinence, be faithful, and condoms as a last resort (ABC) had brought down HIV prevalence. He received muted applause. Then a female college student came to the microphone and exclaimed “I think people should be able to have as much sex as they want, with as many people as they want.” She received a thunderous, standing ovation.

Pope Benedict XVI when asked about AIDS in Africa said that “… if Africans do not help by responsible behavior, the problem cannot be overcome by the distribution of prophylactics. On the contrary, they increase it.” For this he was roundly condemned, but according to Green, “He had summarized the best current research on AIDS prevention in Africa.”

According to Green, “… we are now experiencing the greatest avoidable epidemic in history. HIV has infected some forty-six million people in Africa and eighteen million have died.”

The Left accuses the Right of rejecting science and of racism, but Green’s book demonstrates that it is the Leftist sex positive AIDS establishment and their supporters in the media who reject science and commit the vilest form of racism. History will surely judge this betrayal as the most egregious form of oppression.

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